Participate in Mega Millions from anywhere

Mega Millions is the lottery that everyone is talking about. The mythical American lottery has the world record in the highest profit online. In 2012, a lone winners home blamed $ 656 million, bringing in contact worth $ 474 million, equivalent to over $ 4 billion (exchange rate 15/9 – 15).

The fact that Mega Millions has become so popular depends largely on the huge jackpots that players can win. And of course it is a bit extra to have the chance to win so much money that you would never have to stand in the election and qualify for what you want to buy. With a jackpot win at Mega Millions you would undoubtedly be financially independent for the rest of your life (assuming you have a fair view of your finances). You can buy online tickets for MegaMillions here

It is now possible to play Mega Millions from Sweden. The easiest way to play Mega Millions from Sweden is via A game site that offers lots of lottery and casino games. In addition to Mega Millions, you also offer games on Powerball, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. Three popular lotteries that also have giant jackpots.

Once you have chosen the deposit method and deposited money, just start playing! Enter the Mega Millions under the category Lotto. After you have clicked on the Mega Millions you will be met by “game tiles” with numbers 1-75. Here you choose 6 numbers: 5 “main number” 1-75 and a Mega Ball number 1-15. Jackpots fall to the one who dotted all 6 numbers 5 + 1. If a player would enter 5 main numbers but miss the Mega Ball number, a decent consolation prize of $ 1 million is equivalent to over SEK 8 million

Castle Builder Slot

With this game, you will go back into medieval periods, follow the adventures of knights, and enjoy your online experiences in castles building. What will surprise you in this Slot machine is the location of the reels. Microgaming has brought out a really impressive game, with an impressive location of the reels. They will be on the right, whereas the left will be reserved for castles. You will be a castle builder, which will be a peculiar experience. You will need to hit symbols to achieve the building. What is more, you will see a royal wedding take place in your free play as you complete each of the castles. The wedding will come as a bonus feature, and you are sure to win during it, grabbing a wealth in a pot, out of 3 pots which will accumulate as you go on building.

The reels location may make you feel strange at first, but you will get used to it, because the building, the subsequent royal wedding, and the winning will absorb you and make you feel thrilled all along. The graphics will surely charm you, with the beautiful castles which rise little by little, thanks to your playing. What is more, the buttons will look like flags, so there will truly be an outstanding experience waiting for you when you play Castle Builder. The sounds will help you to feel like living in those old times, with the music which makes you think of old time celebrations, and the sounds of tools when new turrets join the castle you are building, etc. Your tasks will become more responsible and more difficult, because each next castle will have to be larger and feature more beauty than the previous one you built.


You will also be entrusted with a task that is highly responsible. You will have to select a suitor for the princes that is to be married. For your selection, you will be rewarded with a prize. Don’t think that building the 3 castles will be all you have to do here. After you have built all of them, you will need some more buildings, for example buildings that the royals will be able to use for vacationing. With so much royal attention and royal experiences, you will truly feel in an atmosphere of Las Vegas Slot.

The Castle slot

NeoGames Technologies is a decade-old software company responsible for many fine three- and five-reel video slots. One of the most unique titles on the NT roster is the medieval-themed Castle Slot. The non-progressive 3-reeler is different from many of its contemporaries such as Wizards Castle, in that each reel row occupies a separate outbuilding of a sprawling castle compound. However, it’s up to the player whether they wish to play on one, two or all three machines.

Once you’ve gotten your head around the unconventional set-up of Castle Slot, it’s time to spin the reels and attempt to take home the bumper 100,000 credit grand prize. While 100k might not buy you your very own castle, we’re sure you can think of a few ways to spend the dosh.

A Slot Fit for a King

Castle Slot looks much as you’d expect given the name. The clock has wound back to medieval times, and a crenellated and imposing castle occupies a grassy mound against a backdrop of blue sky. The major battlements and towers are not our focus, though: the action takes place in three brick outbuildings with wooden slat doors. At the start of the game, you’ll be asked whether you wish to play in one, two or all three buildings; at this point, the wooden doors will part to reveal traditional casino reels.

The reel layout might be a tad unfamiliar, but the control panel is, as always, situated along the bottom of the screen. Here, you can set your maximum bet, play max, current bet and also toggle the autoplay button (here’s looking at you, lazy gamer). You can also easily view your real-time balance and make your way back to the casino lobby from this area. There’s a mute button, too, in case that dodgy soundtrack becomes unbearable (as surely it will, if you play long enough).

Gamers wishing to grab a piece of the action can stake coins that range in value from 0.1 right up to 10. Players looking to max out can wager a limit of three coins per line. Thus, you can place a maximum bet of 90-per-spin should you wish to set all three reels (and pay-lines) in motion. The jackpot, quite naturally, differs depending on how many machines you play – 100,000 awaits he who can hit the overall three-game jackpot; the top prize for playing two machines is 2,000, and it’s 1,000 for one. The icon that pays the princeliest sum is, logically enough, the heaving sack of gold coins.