Participate in Mega Millions from anywhere

Mega Millions is the lottery that everyone is talking about. The mythical American lottery has the world record in the highest profit online. In 2012, a lone winners home blamed $ 656 million, bringing in contact worth $ 474 million, equivalent to over $ 4 billion (exchange rate 15/9 – 15).

The fact that Mega Millions has become so popular depends largely on the huge jackpots that players can win. And of course it is a bit extra to have the chance to win so much money that you would never have to stand in the election and qualify for what you want to buy. With a jackpot win at Mega Millions you would undoubtedly be financially independent for the rest of your life (assuming you have a fair view of your finances). You can buy online tickets for MegaMillions here

It is now possible to play Mega Millions from Sweden. The easiest way to play Mega Millions from Sweden is via A game site that offers lots of lottery and casino games. In addition to Mega Millions, you also offer games on Powerball, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. Three popular lotteries that also have giant jackpots.

Once you have chosen the deposit method and deposited money, just start playing! Enter the Mega Millions under the category Lotto. After you have clicked on the Mega Millions you will be met by “game tiles” with numbers 1-75. Here you choose 6 numbers: 5 “main number” 1-75 and a Mega Ball number 1-15. Jackpots fall to the one who dotted all 6 numbers 5 + 1. If a player would enter 5 main numbers but miss the Mega Ball number, a decent consolation prize of $ 1 million is equivalent to over SEK 8 million

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